We are moving on to your third project: posters! This week, I want you to visit this website: http://www.designhistory.org/posters.html

Spend some time looking at these posters and thinking about how technology has changed the way we design. A lot of the posters on this site were created by hand, since InDesign and Photoshop did not exist.

Pick 1 of these posters and analyze the design principles used. Do you like it? Why or why not? Is it effective? If the poster was created today, would it still have the same feel?

Make sure you write down the number of the poster you are analyzing in your post. Do not analyze a poster that your classmate has already discussed! There are plenty of posters to choose from.

Feel free to post the image of the poster so people can identify what you are talking about.

Post is due by Friday night; comments by Sunday.