This poster is a work of art. The description alone on the poster history website refers to art movements such as “Art Nouveau” and “Pre-Raphaelites” and notes its use of color and lines. With modern posters made on the computer, lines are usually not noted as being significant and do not end up becoming works of art.  This poster contains warm colors for the hair, body and drink, and in the background as well which eventually fades into a cooler shade of green. Red and green are complementary colors and both used in this design,as well as the colors that fall in between them on the color wheel (orange and yellow). The Japanese design in the background coupled with the green color makes the drink appear to be natural and possibly from a foreign land. The use of warm colors also makes the drink appear to be warm. The woman’s arm leads your eye to the drink as well. The point at the end of the text on top also leads your eye to the woman’s arm. I personally love this poster and think it is incredibly effective. The colors used as well as the creation of the naked woman holding the drink certainly would have attracted men who may or may not have been concerned with health. I also love how this could easily be a piece of art one hangs up on a wall. One doesn’t see posters of this caliber anymore. If this poster was created today, it would look a lot more mechanical and precise, less artsy looking. To my knowledge, InDesign and Illustrator can’t produce the shadow on the woman’s back or the varying levels of sheerness of her covering or at least produce them in a way that looks organic. Unless one uses a tablet, I feel this poster would look more like a computer graphic and less like a precise, artistic drawing.