I chose this poster from the 1940’s because I think it is truly timeless.  The American red, white and blue, along with the black-and-white image is something that is effective, because it is iconic.   Although the image is clearly dated, the same poster design could be used today to reminisce of those simple times.  Today it’s feel would be historic and All-American.  The fact that these posters were created in avant garde style to advocated for the Rural Electrification Program is reflected in the design.  The stripes run horizontally like telephone wires and create a backdrop for the young generation, represented as a boy an a girl. Notice, the image of theses children is in the lower third of the page, not the middle. The photograph also gives the poster texture and contrast against the simple, colored background.

I like this poster for these reasons.  It’s something that can be appreciated today because it is so reminiscent of the 1940’s.  Also, considering the resources of the time this poster is very simple yet well done.  The photograph and bright colors work well together.  If the same design was used today, technology would make it easy for us to improve the quality of the images, and transform the stripes in a more interesting way.