This is an extremely famous poster that I have seen many times throughout my life. However, until now I have not analyzed or thought about it in terms of color or graphic design. I have just seen it as a picture of a strong woman. But now the first thing I think about when I look at it is color. The bright, warm color of the yellow background really does come forward (as we have learned warm comes forward and cool goes backwards). The bright red of her head scarf also comes forward. These are more feminine colors than the blue of her shirt, so she can be portrayed as “manly” or strong in her blue shirt, but the warm elements of the poster still make it feminine. I also think it is interesting that the designer faded her shirt to dark, almost navy blue, and then tied it into the dark blue of the banner at the bottom. The typeface of the header “We Can Do It!” is a very simple sans serif, the white contrasts greatly with the dark blue, and the bold letters emphasize the positive attitude of the poster as a whole. All in all, this is a great wartime poster that truly captured the efforts of the time and revolutionized the way our nation now sees femininity and gender roles.