The simplicity of this design is what makes it effective. It’s an ad for corn flour but could also be a piece of art on your wall. The Beggarstaff Brothers wanted this ad to be easy for the eye to read and everything from their choice of colors to the silohouette of the woman with her arm pointing towards the corner that says corn flour adheres to that. We learned in class that color is our strongest visual gestalt and this poster is an example of this. The yellow of her hair that picks up the yellow in her basket and then moves into the background is very effective because it makes the image possess a certain flow. The yellow and brown colors used in this ad compliment each other and also reminded me of a corn kernel or corn in a husk. I love sans serifs and this typeface comes across as very straight forward and organic. The woman’s arm pointing down towards the word corn flour is an example of Principle 2 which is continuation. She is pointing to the product being advertised which helps the viewers eye move towards the necessary information which in this case is the product being advertised.  What I like about this ad is that though you can tell it’s from a certain era, because it’s so clear and beautiful, it also remains timeless. I would definitely hang this on my wall.