I think that this poster both content wise and visually would be extremely different if it were made today.

Visually, the image of the woman appears to have been painted in a free-hand manner. Similarly, the text is not straight, especially in “Naval Reserve” and “Or.” It looks as if it has been stamped on and I bet each poster was slightly different. It goes along with the free-hand feel of the visual. I think if it were made today the text would stand out much more and be spaced better. The choice of typeface is also interesting (especially in “I’d” with the extra small D which is not anywhere else in the poster)

In terms of context, this poster is really sexist. In this day in age if a poster were made like this it would cause a lot of conflict. I feel like it’s almost the opposite feel of the Rosie the Riveter poster because in that one Rosie is strong and capable of offering help to the war effort. However in this poster the woman wishes she were a man so that she could help. I’m almost confused as to what audience this poster is targeting. If it were targeting women, would it be to feel they should convince the men in their life to join the navy? And if it were for a man would it make them feel like women would view them more highly if they were in the army? It is hard to determine since it would be so unheard of to see a poster like this today.