I am a big fan of poster #15, The Sachplakat Poster of 1906.  I really enjoy how simple the poster is and how few colors they use.  Of the four colors that they do use they really  create a dull background where their bright red and yellow matches stick out. The background consists of a sort of brownish grey color with the companies name Priester above the matches.  The font used is very unique and really works with the rest of the poster as well.  The typeface to me sticks out as looking a little sinister and dangerous just like the matches below it.  The name resides on the top of the two-thirds line and easily allows for our eye locate it. The bright lines that create the matches also bring our eye from the yellow match tip to the beginning of the company name. The poster is really effective in promoting the company and its product.  It is also something that I could see myself being able to create.