Although this iconic poster of President Barack Obama was created during his presidential campaign in 2008, it still has an authentically “old” feel with the very graphic image. Obviously the color choices are different shades of the colors; red, white and blue that help to create the patriotic feel of the poster. I love how this artist used shading of these colors to define shadows and details of Obama’s face. The bold word “hope” is written in very strong and heavy-weighten letters that reinforces the powerful message which Obama built his campaign around. Additionally, this word is placed in the bottom third of the poster and on the bottom right which leads the eye off the page. I think this poster is extremely effective because it breaks the mold of dull, predictable presidential campaign ads. It has a very youthful and unique vibe that attracted many people and Obama’s publicity tactics greatly contributed to his election. The elements of design and idea of this poster is timeless and iconic.