My most recently noted interaction with graphic design was last night while having a glass of wine with my dinner. Lyeth is one of my favorite vineyards located in Sonoma County and as I sat eating my meal, I happened to notice the label on the wine bottle. I realized that this is probably one of the only cursive/script typefaces I like. Usually I’m drawn to sans serifs but I still found this typeface to be very effective. I like the use of black and gold. It’s a vineyard and these colors tend to give a feeling of quality and elegance. I really liked how the L crosses the t in Lyeth and I find the serif typeface for meritage fitting because serifs typefaces also create that feeling of elegance.  The top of the L points to their logo of the little house on top. This is the principle of continuation because it leads the eye to their logo, which is really simple and well done. If that was created as a brochure it would be interesting to use the black interior of the wine barrels as a dye cut, to then open into the different types of wine. I found the gold border effective in giving the label a form of depth and dimension. The kerning of the letters is well spaced, leaving enough room from the eye to digest the word easily. The use of all capitals in Meritage helps the word standout which is good because it’s the type of wine and people need to see that. The use of metallics in the color scheme  draws the eye in and allows this label to stand out. Overall the branding is very effective and the wine is really great.