Some interesting graphic design I have recently come across is these old school cereal boxes. They have been making a novelty comeback in grocery stores and I was looking at them in Target the other day. It made me appreciate modern graphic design more because although the color schemes and typefaces haven’t changed drastically from what they are today, they still look obviously out-dated. The characters (the leprechaun, the rabbit, etc) are very two-dimensional and modern graphic design has the capabilities to make more 3D, realistic looking characters. The typeface for the cereal names are also more lively and not as flat. I also see how they have updated the General Mills logo because I do not like how these old boxes have an off-centered white triangle with the GM logo at the top. Today’s cereal boxes either have a smaller white triangle or none at all. Overall, when we have the ability to compare old and new things, it makes us appreciate how far technology and graphic design has come to make everyday design more visually appealing.