The graphic design I chose is the logo that the Argentinean National soccer team uses. I am constantly in contact with this logo because I am an avid Argentina soccer fan. I personally love this logo. It may be because of my passion for the team but there are several reasons I like it. First of all, I like that they have incorporated the colors of the Argentina flag at the top of the logo, it shows the pride they have in the flag. Secondly with the AFA, which stands for Asociación de Futbol Argentina, I find that the typography they used is very elegant. I think that the F that they used is very unique and I like how it is used sort of as an umbrella covering the two identical A’s. The one thing that I would change from this logo is the “mustard” yellow that they used as the background. They used two primary colors, blue and yellow, and one secondary color, green. I believe that all the colors that they used are very strong and appealing but for some reason I don’t think that the yellow matches the other ones. I think a lighter yellow would work better.