I just returned from a two-day trip to Philadelphia for its annual flower show and I’m including the advertisement in this post.  I’m not really big on gardening but I live in a family full of horticulturalists and they invited me to see the show for the first time.  I have to say it was really incredible and larger than life.  The show has a different theme each year (I think last year might have been ‘Vienna’) and this year’s theme was ‘Springtime in Paris.’  There was a carousel with animals made entirely out of flowers, accordion players walking around, a giant statue of the Eiffel Tower equipped for light shows and flower sculptures made to look like can-can dancers.  There were advertisements hanging all around Philadelphia.  Most of them had a giant picture of a single flower with the words ‘Flower Festival’ on them.  This poster design is an effective way to advertise the event because of the way the flowers are arranged to look like the French flag.  This is exactly the arranging technique that most of the gardeners used in their exhibits.  Of course there has to be the iconic image of the Eiffel Tower on the poster but not just because it symbolizes France but because it was the main attraction in the covention center.  I love the tight kerning and leading with the typefaces and how everything is aligned even with the intrusion of the Eiffel Tower into the words.  I love that blue and white dominate this poster and that red is only consumes a small portion.  Also the effect of the flowers being brushed on the canvas evokes feelings of French painting.  Overall a very festive and appropriate poster design.