While researching the Domestic Violence Crisis Center (the non-profit that I chose to create my poster project on), I stumbled upon the following poster for this year’s “Voices of Courage” Spring Luncheon. The graphic design of this poster certainly caught my attention, but for all the wrong reasons. The first thing that I noticed was the elaborate script font which was more distracting than elegant. The text “Domestic Violence Crisis Center” is large, yet still barely legible due to the excessive swirls of this script font. Another distracting element of this design is the portrait of the key note speaker, which is not only unflattering, but awkwardly placed. Although it is floating on the “upper-third” section of the poster, it is placed directly in the center when you draw a vertical line down the center. In my opinion it is distracting and unnecessary to the overall message of the poster. Lastly, the large amount of text consumes the poster and takes away from the graceful and elegant design that was probably intended. If this text was compensated and greatly shortened, I believe the poster would be much less overwhelming. The viewer’s eyes become lost in the endless small text and the content simply becomes wasted and goes unnoticed.