While trying to think of a recent interaction I’ve had with graphic design, I was brainstorming logos and typography that have stood out to me.  One thing that I have always found striking are the new advertisements for McDonald’s McCafe, “a world of delicious coffees and drinks.”  It seems they are trying to market themselves as a a high-end coffee supplier to the average American.  They are trying to compete with the successful Starbucks brand of coffees.   I think this example of graphic design fails, because it is not consistent with the “image” of McDonald’s which is its inexpensive fast-food.  The typeface is not consistent with the “M” we traditionally associate with McDonald’s products.  This particular ad though, does a good job of using the principles that we have learned about in class, particularly for poster design.  The curved font is underlined; this line points down to the exit point where there is a frothy latte positioned in a glass mug.  The last thing we remember when looking at this ad is the latte.  The brown of the coffee beans is balanced on the top and bottom of the page, and repeated in the color of the biscotti.  The irony of the advertisement is that McDonald’s does not serve it’s coffee in nice mugs, and they don’t have biscotti, something that is reserved for the higher-end specialty coffee shops.  I think in our culture, people want quality at an affordable price.  McDonald’s trying to draw this association to their product by using visuals that remind us of delicious coffee and introduce their new line of lattes and cappuccinos.