A recent interaction I’ve had with graphic design is with a box for Skinny Cow ice cream. To begin with, the logo itself is perfect for this type of graphic. The typeface used is simple yet inviting, and also the cow lying above the way the typeface moves is a skinny, flirty, and girly cow, which is exactly what the brand name and brand itself is aiming for. Also, the design of this box mainly sticks to the light brown color of the ice cream cone, syrup on top of the ice cream, and banner under the logo as well as the dark pink color of the logo and the flavors. For the most part, these colors are the only colors on the box besides a small bit of yellow and green. The lack of colors works very well for this design because it does not distract at all from the product as well as the logo. Finally, the subtle cow print on the edge of the box contributes as well to the entire brand name.