One piece of graphic design I recently came in contact with is the logo for FOX’s show “GLEE.” I really like this logo, aside from the fact that I am a huge fan of the show itself.  The hand represents the letter “L” in the word glee, but also stands for loser, as most of the glee club members are considered.  The idea of using the loser sign as the L is both clever and very effective.  The clear and large san serif typeface is also a perfect choice.  I like the simplicity of the letters and the decision of no serifs was a good one.  Sometimes serifs appear more sophisticated and “GLEE” is exactly the opposite.  The two “Es” that are connected also really draw your eye as equally as the human hand does.  Using an actual person’s hand makes the image 3-dimensional, which really makes it a more interesting logo to look at as well.  Overall, a really effective and enjoyable image/logo to view.