This cover is incredibly successful. Aspects of the visual, such as the crocodile’s head, point to the cover head lines such as “Geeks Gone Wild.” The brim of Robert Pattinson’s hat on the right side  guides the viewers’ eyes to the “Robert Pattinson” headline. The red color in the Vanity Fair nameplate  highlights important headlines and really ties in the prominent nameplate with the blue, black, white, and green present in the photograph. The serif typeface predominantly used for the cover headlines nicely contrasts the sans serif typeface used in the nameplate. The use of this sans serif typeface in the “Royal Wedding” headline and the “Geeks Gone Wild” one once again helps tie in the prominent nameplate that alone, would appear disjointed with the photograph.  The black color used in Robert’s name establishes a connection to Robert Pattinson’s hat and pants which are the only other black elements on the cover. The black color therefore establishes a strong visual connection between the word and the image it describes. For these three reasons-color of text, the image, and typefaces- this magazine cover would certainly stand out on the magazine rack.