The magazine cover I have chosen is the Time magazine special commemorative edition of Michael Jackson. The first reason that I think it is successful is the color alignment. I think they did a great job in making the TIME white and thus matching the top that Michael Jackson is wearing. Also the color of the hair matches the pants. I think they did a great job at that.  The second reason that I believe it works is because of the image it contains. The pose the happiness in his face all invite people to notice the magazine as well as want to open and read what is inside. Finally, if you see most of the Time magazine covers they have headlines of whats inside. In this case all you see is Michael Jackson 1958-2009. I think this works well because at the time it came out everyone knew what the magazine would be about and in addition to this it shows the strength of the image because it shows that the image in this case speaks for itself and invites the reader to look into the commemorative edition.