The poster that I chose was this sports illustrated cover that shows a close up photo of Lebron James.  His Head goes through a large portion of the magazines title but it is clear to us what magazine we are looking at.  There is a headline above the title that I thought was an interesting tactic but one that doesn’t hurt the magazine title.   The story is also a very large one that many people picking up a magazine would really be interested in.  Lebron’s face and in particular his nose points directly toward the main headline “The Power of Lebron”.  The background is brown and most of the type is white and stand out very nicely.  The one main font color change is Lebron’s name and is in black.  This works really well and is placed at the bottom two-thirds line that our eye is drawn to naturally.  The actual photo of Lebron is still the visual focus.  He is on the right side facing the text on the left side of the page.  There are only a couple of headlines and they are much smaller than the Main headline.  Over all I really like this cover and the conventions it used to grab my attention.