The book covers for all of the ‘Unfortunate Events’ books are horrible and if you have any sense at all you will stay as far away from them as possible. And if you would rather continue on with your happy day full of friends and sunshine you will absolutely not read this post. In fact, if you are already reading this post (and you should stop) you are headed for the most grotesquely gruesome and ill-fated piece of commentary ever seen in Graphics 217.

Do I sound like Lemony Snicket?  Every book in the ‘Unfortunate Events’ series is beautiful but I like this one especially. The illustrations by Brett Helquist always do perfect justice to the attitude and style of storytelling in the book. Each book in the series has an illustration of that book’s main event on the front cover so naturally, ‘The Reptile Room’ has a picture of the events that take place in the reptile room. Here you’ve got all the Baudelaire children with their uncle, Dr. Montgomery Montomery and the snake he recently discovered in Peru, ‘The Incredibly Deadly Viper.’ If you know the other books in the series, you know that Violet has her hair pulled back because she is (or was) thinking hard about a new invention and Sunny loves to bite. The illustration captures every character’s personality while hinting at the most pivotal event in the book.