Upon reading this week’s assignment, I opened up itunes and proceeded to today’s top albums. This cover for Rihanna’s latest CD Loud immediately caught my eye. My initial thought was that Rihanna’s facial expression did not make her appear “loud.” In fact, she appears almost demure and quite soft spoken. Her lips are slightly parted but do not look capable of shouting or emitting loud sounds. Her lack of eye contact with the viewer adds to the idea that she is shy and in fact, more soft spoken than loud. The sans serif type face is also quite thin and and almost fades into the background. To sum up my point, everything about this cover at first appears to be completely ironic. The story seems to be about a quiet, demure girl who is trying to break out into the limelight and be loud. The more I stare at the cover though, the louder it seems to become. The filter on the photograph makes her fiery red hair appear to be almost a bright fuscia color which is pleasantly highlighted by the bright navy color of the shadows/normally black areas. There are also myriad sharp lines from her chin line to her eyebrow which make the photograph appear stronger, and louder. The cover art, because of the highlighted colors and strong lines, is vibrant and “loud,” especially in comparison to the faint text on the bottom