I think that this Katy Perry CD cover effectively tells a story.  When you initially look at this image, it relates to the idea of summer time and fun.  She is laying on a blanket in a lounge chair outside.  The first thing I noticed was the color scheme which includes a lot of bright pink tones. The story is that this album is light and fun. It really embodies the persona of Katy Perry and her music.  After looking at it for a while you notice details such as the record player, flamingos, the perfect blue sky, and flowers.   The text changes the way we look at this image, though, because it says “one of the boys” which is not what the image portrays at all.  The cover is girly and flirty, but the texts suggests something unexpected.  Her hat, shorts, and the text create a line of blue that leads your eye down.  I think this is a good example of an unexpected story, because the image does not necessarily portray a sense of being “one of the boys.”