Although I am not a fan of their music I think that Nickleback for their CD had a great cover. As you can see the cover shows a very impacting eye with a tear. This immediately tells the story that whoever the eye belongs to is someone that is sad. This perhaps sets the theme of the songs in the album. Another interesting thing about the cover is that it is named “Silver Side Up” and the tear flowing out of the eye is silver. This is perhaps the second thing you notice after you see the picture. Finally, one last detail I noticed after a while is that the B is backwards probably working well with the word “back”. Put all together, one can believe that this probably tells the story of a person who isnt happy at all, whose life is probably going backwards rather than forward and thus the image of the tears flowing from the eye. I think its a very strong and impacting cover. They worked very well with creating the image from the words that they had.