I’m sure everyone remembers Mika’s famous hit “Grace Kelly”, but what is even more entertaining and appealing than that song is his CD covers for “life in cartoon motion”. At first glance, I noticed how extremely colorful and vibrant the imagery is. It is youthful, spunky, and cheerful, a perfect representation of Mika and his music. His name, written in large block-like letters appears to be jumping off the cover and is very dimensional. At a closer look, one notices the small portrait of Mika all the way left of hit name. This serious photograph, done in sepia tones is a stark contrast to the wild and crazy designs that consume the cover. Additionally the designs like they were hand drawn and colored in, like a cartoon, which is completely fitting for the album title “life in Cartoon Motion”. Also complimenting the title is the bursts of colorful designs, all stemming out from the cloud-like image on the bottom or from the name Mika. Additionally, there are colorful mechanic wheels, a bird, and floating objects that all represent motion. I really love this CD cover because it is playful and there are so many elements to focus on.