Good web design:

I like this website a lot. The design is really simplistic and it’s very easy to navigate. The clean palette allows the user to focus on the clothes on the web-page which is obviously the main focus. The bottom includes areas that allow to you quickly navigate to special pages like sale items or items that are back in stock. Also, there are many ways to get to the different pages and I think this is important for web design. If you click the scrolling images on the home page it takes you to all the new items but you can also get to that from the main bar or side bar. Overall, everything on the webpage is simple, easy to navigate, but still visually appealing without turning the focus away from the clothes.

Bad Web Design:

This webpage reminds me of something a young child would design. Unfortunately, it is the Yale Art School website. Everything is awful. The corny photo of the tourist in front of the Pyramids makes no sense and then is repeated as a distracting background. The is harsh on the eyes because it is in awfully colored text boxes, some of which even have tacky gradients used. Unlike the first website, this page has way too much going on and there is nothing visually pleasing about it.
Note: the webpage is open to students/users to edit it as they wish.