The first image is of the homepage for Swarovski Crystal.  I have always thought this was a well-designed website.  They use a lot of large, beautiful photos that feature colorful crystals.  The colors are warm and inviting.  I also like that the bottoms sections are separated into four smaller squares. I think this is an example of good web design, because it effectively uses text and images to look appealing and moves our eye around the page.

This is a website for the local chapter of the Kiwanis Club in Sheffield, MA near my hometown.  This website is too simple and uses little color.  The information is simple placed in the middle of the page with no design or thought.  There difference between this website and the Swarovski crystal is obviously the organization’s budget and purpose.  The Kiwanis website is obviously just designed to help people learn about local events.  The simplicity fits the needs of the organization.  Still, though, it could be more effectively designed.