This screen shot is from the Bergdorf Goodman website and I would consider this an example of good web design. The colors are all neutral which creates a certain flow, because nothing is visually jarring. I love how the type is very small and elegant and their word mark is also really beautiful. Everything on this web page is clearly marked and very easy to navigate. The spacing of the type is spread out making it easy for the eye to read. The rest of the web pages are also visually simplistic making it easy for the eye to navigate.




This is a local organization that helps businesses train people in safety procedures and I would say a bad example of web design. CYNCOSH is my client for my advanced studio class and myself and two graphic designers are helping them re-vamp their logo, website, newsletter, brochure etc. We’re basically helping them get a new and updated look for their company. This website isn’t effective because it’s really hard on the eye. The graphic of the screw isn’t working, the colors are harsh, their new’s hasn’t been updated since 2010. You never see any people on any of the pages only ugly graphics. There are small bio photos of the people who work there, but they look like they were shot with a point and shoot flash ridden digital camera. They have no logo and way to much type on every page. This is a great organization and the people who work there are really fantastic.  In a few weeks, everything should look different and for the better.