The Pendemonium web page is god awful. The colorful small dots in the background creates this overall textured effect that just reminds me of the walls of my doctor’s office. The maroon script typeface is hard to read and really small as well as the Pendemonium logo which get lost on the page as it is underneath a lot of centered, grouped information. The credit cord logos are way too small as well as the clock here to order. The container is mostly wasted space. The four photos underneath the information present the information on top of them in an incredibly visually unappealing way. They are all different typefaces and different sizes. There is absolutely no visual connection between the four images in the boxes. In fact, the box on the bottom right reveals some white space where the image does not fully fill in the box. The navigation bar on the left is really ugly and weird looking. The designer attempted to overcomplicate it by putting the text on ugly “popped out” grey boxes. The blue typeface color does not at all match the colors used in the main container and the words in each box are all different sizes.  The Bloomingdales web page, on the other hand, is incredibly well designed. It is very simple and effective. I love the neutral palette employed and how the dominant image matches it. The black navigation bar emphasizes the white text and enables the web page visitor to easily find the page he or she is looking for. There is a clear visual hierarchy with the containers and the typefaces within them are incredibly easy to read and appropriately sized. I absolutely love the dominant art with the typewriter keys as well.