One website I recently came across that is graphically designed well is the Syracuse Mexican restaurant we all love, Alto Cinco. It is clean and simple and conveys two of the most important aspects of a restaurant, food and atmosphere. A video automatically plays on the landing page and gives the viewer an inside look inside of the restaurant and in the kitchen to display how fresh and appealing the food is. The blue, black and tan colors on the homepage complement each other well and conveys that Alto Cinco is a classy mexican restaurant. The wordmark is specially good because it is made up of ancient Mexican artifiacts and water. Once you enter the site, there is an automatic slideshow that plays that further showcases the restaurant’s cuisine. Two skeletons dressed in traditional mexican are a nice cultural touch to the page. For it only being a local restaurant, Alto Cinco’s website is extremely professional, engaging and easy to navigate. To truly appreciate the website you must check it out:

My hometown local playhouse, The New Castle Playhouse, showcases broadway worthy performances month after month. However, their website does not live up the the greatness of their shows. Theater is extremely visual, so the NCP has ample opportunities to incorporate pictures from their shows to create an aesthetically pleasing design. Yet, they use an ugly solid red as the background, the wordmark is atrocious and and unoriginal and the text is not aligned and is centered (which as we learned in class is hard to read). It looks like this website was whipped up by a 14 year old in an hour. There is no creativity behind the design at all, which is really sad since the theater is amazing. Here is the site: