This Nordstrom website is an example of a good website. It’s really clean and simple. The photos are neutral colors which coincides with the color palatte they chose, especially for such a high-end department store, I think clean colors like this are the way to go. I also like the way that the links on the right of the photograph change every few seconds, the image changes, and the square gets a little bit larger when active (as you can see the “Ultimate Intimates” box overlaps the photo a little bit, as do the rest of the boxes when they are active.) This makes it really clear what the picture is representing. I think all the links are really clear and easy to navigate as well. Overall a really clean-cut website.

This website is terrible. First of all, I have no idea what that is a picture of at the top banner. Also, the links on the left look so unprofessional. The color scheme is just so ugly. Red, blue, pink, pale yellow, pale blue…….I don’t even know where to look. And you can’t really tell because this image is blurry but over the main yellow textbox you can see a random red writing that overlaps the black writing. That is a text trail that follows wherever you move the mouse. That is so annoying because if you are trying to read the text all these letters come up and block what you’re trying to read, so you always have to be careful where your cursor is if you want to read what’s on the website. Just overall so ugly.