The Asos website is very easy to navigate and user friendly. It has a similar layout to many other retail sites in that it offers suggestions for other clothing based on what items you click on. The color palet is very simple and clean, with just a simple baby blue banner which goes across the top, offering promotions and sales. Lastly, my favorite feature of this website is that it actually shows the model walking down a runway, wearing the garment. This is extremely helpful before purchasing the product because you can see how the clothing moves or the length/texture/color, as opposed to the perfectly lit photographs they feature. Overall, this website is very elegantly designed, which goes perfectly with the products they sell.

In contrast to the beautifully simple Asos design,’s layout is anything but appealing. To start off, the electric blue background is not only distracting the viewer from the content, but physically causes strain to ones eyes and actually hurts to look at. This inconsistent size and color of the font is confusing to look at and does not effectively convey the content of the site. Additionally, the floating trucks and mashed-up pictures of trucks are rather confusion and poorly executed. Lastly, what appears to be a perfectly functional navigation bar on the left side of the page is actually broken and when you click on an option, it does not lead you to another page. This website is awful and so unprofessional.