Congrats! You’ve made it through the semester of GRA 217.

On Thursday, we’ll be watching the movie Helvetica in class. For your final post, please write a few sentences about this movie. It could be something you learned, an opinion of the movie, or something that made you think.

You will also have to post a JPEG of your final website project. Please post the home page and at least one other page. (You do not have to post all pages unless you want to.)

These two posts are due Friday, April 30. Please comment on 2 Helvetica posts and 2 website posts by Sunday night.

If you are taking a floating redo for the website project, you need to post an image of your websites by next Friday, May 6. I will not be posting here again to remind you.

Also, if you have missed posts throughout the semester, you may make them up for late credit. This and any extra credit posts are due no later than Friday, May 6.