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Kristine Welker of Hearst Digital Media

I went to hear Kristine Welker talk yesterday. She spoke about how she came to became to VP of  sales and marketing at Hearst Digital Media through following her instincts, learning from role models and stepping outside her comfort zone. I never really thought about having certain role models to watch and learn from. Ms. Welker made the excellent point that there are fewer and fewer training programs and most of the time not very many ways to learn how to handle a certain position. Role models can act as teachers and provide the training necessary for a position. Ms. Welker discussed her previous position as the publisher for Cosmogirl magazine. I had no idea she was accountable for 90% of the magazine and was in charge for turning the magazine into a brand. I found her discussion of the business side of the magazine industry fascinating and really never learned about it prior.


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I never watched a documentary on a typeface. I thought it was interesting at first but after a while it seemed very repetitive. There’s no doubt that Helvetica changed graphic design and help the typeface world get to where we are today. I never noticed how often it’s used. In the movie, several people expressed their opinions about Helvetica. Some people love it and some people hate it. A person mentioned that Helvetica is a negative space and I didn’t really understand that. I think that since it’s been overused people have gotten annoyed and tired of seeing it. I personally would prefer Times New Roman but Helvetica is a great typeface to use for clarity.



I’ve known about the lore of Helvetica for a long time, and it’s obviously overused and overdone, but you can’t ignore the fact that Helvetica changed graphic design. Helvetica was one of the only fonts I could pick out before I took this course, and you can see how it’s extremely overused. I know for a fact I would never use Helvetica for a major logo or company name. I used Helvetica for my web design project, because it’s easy on the eyes and works well for the web. In the documentary I loved how all of these “experts” couldn’t exactly explain why Helvetica was so amazing, it’s like there is no explanation. But you need to respect what Helvetica did for the typography and graphic design world.

Helvetica, The Movie

I think one the interesting things about Helvetica the typeface is its history and how its really become a universal typeface that’s used everywhere.  My favor segment was when they showed it on reverse type (with a black background).  The point was that the “art” of Helvetica is in its spacing around the words and not the letters themselves.  This really effects readability; it’s something I would never have even considered before seeing this movie.


I found this documentary to be really unique. I liked how it gave the history of Helvetica but how it also traveled around the world to show how wide spread its use is. I was really surprised to see how frequently Helvetica is used for every type of sign/logo. I liked how someone said that Helvetica is a neutral typeface. I definitely agree with that after seeing it used in so many different settings and ways.

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