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I never watched a documentary on a typeface. I thought it was interesting at first but after a while it seemed very repetitive. There’s no doubt that Helvetica changed graphic design and help the typeface world get to where we are today. I never noticed how often it’s used. In the movie, several people expressed their opinions about Helvetica. Some people love it and some people hate it. A person mentioned that Helvetica is a negative space and I didn’t really understand that. I think that since it’s been overused people have gotten annoyed and tired of seeing it. I personally would prefer Times New Roman but Helvetica is a great typeface to use for clarity.


Helvetica, The Movie

I think one the interesting things about Helvetica the typeface is its history and how its really become a universal typeface that’s used everywhere.  My favor segment was when they showed it on reverse type (with a black background).  The point was that the “art” of Helvetica is in its spacing around the words and not the letters themselves.  This really effects readability; it’s something I would never have even considered before seeing this movie.

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Before watching the film I had no Idea that Helvetica was used everywhere for everything.  One man in the video referred to it as being the “Off white” of typefaces and said that “Its just there”.  Its unbelievable how this typeface was created for legibility over 50 years ago and is still so popular today.  I wonder how long it will take before Helvetica will cease to exist but my guess is no time soon.  It really is a wonderfully constructed font that is clean and very easy on the eyes.


I thought the movie was really interesting. I had absolutely NO idea how much helvetica is used in society and that’s what amazed me most about the movie. It was cool to see all of the designs that use helvetica. I also thought it was awesome to see how they used the printing press at the beginning of the movie, since we don’t use that much anymore. It was interesting because it really shows how technology has changed throughout the years and how lucky we are to be able to produce things so quickly, just by simply playing with a letter on a computer.

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Helvetica the movie

I thought the movie was really interesting. I like how the opening scene was a demonstration of the printing press. I didn’t know the exact steps that were involved in making a word with the press until I saw this movie. I also liked the interviews with the type designers. It was interesting to see how passionate they were about their professions and how it was hard for them to explain to other people the way they see and feel about typefaces. Another good part about the movie was the real world applications to what kinds of companies, signs, etc. use Helvetica.


Someone in the film said that Helvetica could be the typeface of capitalism, which I found really fitting, but I also liked this persons second comment, that’s it could also be the typeface of socialism because it’s so inviting. I thought both comparisons were spot on. I also really liked how someone described it as ‘accessible, transparent and accountable.’ To associate these words with a typeface before this film would have seemed bizzare, but it makes perfect sense. Type is a personality and when you see it, it says something. Same idea as what you wear. It says something. I found the comment that helvetica is all about it’s relationship with negative space really interesting because I had never looked at a type by it’s negative space before.

Helvetica the Movie

The most interesting part of Helvetica the Movie was the fact that this typeface is a globally used thing.  I thought the typeface was a popular American choice but had no idea Helvetica was such a phenomenon in other locations like Amsterdam and London.  Besides that the typeface is used literally all over New York City, to my complete surprise, it’s used on signs and billboards in Amsterdam and London as well.  This particular typeface is used so often because of how clear and easily readable it is.  From subway signs to company awnings, Helvetica is used because of its legibility ever since it emerged around 1957.

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