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Kristine Welker of Hearst Digital Media

I went to hear Kristine Welker talk yesterday. She spoke about how she came to became to VP of  sales and marketing at Hearst Digital Media through following her instincts, learning from role models and stepping outside her comfort zone. I never really thought about having certain role models to watch and learn from. Ms. Welker made the excellent point that there are fewer and fewer training programs and most of the time not very many ways to learn how to handle a certain position. Role models can act as teachers and provide the training necessary for a position. Ms. Welker discussed her previous position as the publisher for Cosmogirl magazine. I had no idea she was accountable for 90% of the magazine and was in charge for turning the magazine into a brand. I found her discussion of the business side of the magazine industry fascinating and really never learned about it prior.


Charlie Sheen Posters

The following posters were created in class on Thursday, March 10. Each group was given 30 minutes to create a poster advertising “Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter” Day. They all started with the same image. The winning poster was created by Charlotte, Emily, Amanda S. and Casey. Nice job to all!

Tran, Vaisman, Orcutt, Krengel, Perskin

Cohen, Lee, Tan, Parker, Ayodeji

Stahl, Ramirez, Spina, Jones, Roseman

Zackem, Perez, Lickfield, Pozin, Rapone


Schaefer, Neveldine, Smith, Valigursky

Extra Credit Opportunity

Here is more information about the 22nd Annual Alexia Foundation Photo Grant Competition Judging. Attend an event and write a brief blog post about it to achieve extra credit!

Seminar: Friday, February 18th 4:00 p.m. Newhouse 1, room 101

Judging: Saturday, February 19th 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Newhouse 1, room 101

Speakers/Judges: Elaine Laffont, Annie Griffiths, Bob Sacha