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Business card

Here’s my business card, front and back.

business card for blog



The third logo, with the combination of triangles and circles, is effective because it creates foreground, middle ground, and background in one layer of visuals.  The eye automatically creates lines to connect the top white triangle, an effect that is created simply by cutting portions out of whole shapes.  These partial shapes create a continuation of line.  The similarity of shapes, in both color and size, reinforces this continuation.  The proximity of the circles allows for both triangles to be the same size while creating a sort of margin for the shape as a whole.  This logo is a good example of how simple shapes allow our imagination to do the work to create a whole image.

Additional Lab Hours

I will be in 206 E this Sunday, February 20 from 1 to 3 p.m. Feel free to stop by or work in the lab and ask questions about your identity project.