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My mom works for an arts organization called ‘Partners in Art’ in Buffalo. This website is for one of the many art shows that are held at the complex. Displayed here are the Home page and the Gallery page.

Best and Worst Web Pages

I chose two music websites. The first is a web page for a band from the UK called MIA, their website is I found it on Web Pages that Suck, and they actually warn that you could get seizures from looking at this website. It looks like someone yacked on a Christmas sweater just in time for Cinco de Mayo. MIA has since changed their website and I think it’s even worse. All it is now is an eight-minute-long music video that keeps playing over and over again. There is no navigation or interactivity (probably because they’ve proven they don’t know how to do it). The second website is also music related. It’s the itunes web page from the apple store: This webpage is cool, clean and uncluttered. There is only what there needs to be. The text is minimal and the images are straight to the point. Think about it, if you want to read more about something, you will. Every last detail does not need to be present on the home page.

As we move into your website projects, I would like you to spend some time looking at websites. Find an example of two websites; one good and one bad. Take a screen shot of each website and upload a picture to the blog. Also post a link to the websites you choose. (Please insert the link instead of pasting a long url…)

Compare and contrast the two website designs. What characteristics make them good or bad? Write a few sentences about each.

Post due Friday; two comments due Sunday. Hang in there…you’re closing in!

**If you are submitting your magazine project this week as a floating redo, please upload your magazine project this week as well. Refer to this post for tips on how to upload.