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The first logo that I see every day is when I pick up my computer and see the Apple logo.  This logo symbolizes a lot and if you are not infatuated with the company it represents I guarantee you know someone who is. The logo itself has really transformed from the original version into something that is really trendy today.  Apple has always been know for its innovation but not always being the coolest company.  The old logo seems a little dull for the products that we associate Apple with today.  It has the same outline but the colors really don’t seem to mean much besides a product can fit into everyones life or any mood.  The new logo is sleek and cool.  It is a metallic grey color that seems to have a shiny affect.  The Type “Apple Computer” has long been abandoned and for good reason.  Apples logo has become one of the most recognizable in recent years.  It portrays the companies elegance and cleanness at the same time which really works for their overall image.


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Resume Tips from the CDC

Here is a link to a PDF of the presentation Kelly Brown gave today on resumes. It includes all the slides!

Resume Tips for GRA 217